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Sharon Needles has been my new obsession for the last year since I was introduced to her from the first episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 4. I truly hope Sharon Needles aka Aaron Cody, continues to defend his drag persona Sharon Needles as a “transgressive” character meant to push buttons and shine a spotlight on all that is dark in society. I think Aaron is truly an artist and I hope that his obligations to bearing the crown doesn’t take it’s toll on him and make Aaron hate the machine that we know as “show business”. Sharon Needles is the most controversial drag queen and cult favorite ever to have been on Rupual’s Drag Race. Aaron wanted to win but at the same time struggled with the fear of success that would come from winning the show and the fear of having to answer to anyone about his unconventional spirit of how to express himself but he stayed true to his character both as “Sharon Needles” and as Aaron Cody. Rock on Sharon Needles! Aaron’s career as “Sharon Needles” has quickly skyrocketed into so many different venues already on top of touring the nation as Rupaul’s Winner of Season 4. Logo has already given Sharon Needles a show that will start airing on Halloween called “FEARce!” where Sharon will get to share her favorite horror films.

Yes it’s all shit and giggles for me at the end of the day but I love where Sharon is going and I just want her to champion her demons and keep them in check and true to her art.

Now this clip just tickles me, Sharon Needles Stars in Peaches Christ’s Silence of the Trans which premiered in San Francisco this past July at The Castro. And who does Miss Sharon Needles play? Well no other than the character of “Buffalo Jill”.

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